Job Opening: Medical Billing Administrative Assistant

Posted: Jan 16 2015

Job Opening: Medical Billing Administrative Assistant
Experience Needed: 0-2 years
Location: Downington, PA 19335

Job Listing:

As the job is defined, the person in this position will:

  • review payments made by insurance companies, called EOB’s (explanation of benefits)
  • put together deposits to upload to our billing company who will then post the insurance payments to each patients acct.
  • determine by reviewing the EOB’s or by running a report any patients that are due a refund
  • determine by reviewing payments on the acct which patients owe money and should receive a bill
  • call patients who had questions on their bill or about how their insurance paid
  • make soft collection calls to patients with large balances
  • follow up with insurance companies when claims do not process correctly

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