As a certified member of the Medical Management Institute (MMI) you are held to a higher standard and are required to fulfill the following requirements each year before your renewal date: 

1. Pay the renewal fee
2. Submit the required CEUs
3. Pass the online update exam (required of RMC members)

    Required CEUs

    MMI offers exceptional online, relevant and up-to-date courses worth 2-18 CEUs each. The CEU bundled options are highly recommended as they also include the annual renewal fee.

    If you already have the required CEUs, click here for details on how to submit the certificates to an MMI Representative. You will then need to purchase the renewal fee (RMC, RMM, RMA, RMB or Dual/Triple), available below. 

    Extension Options

    If you have passed your renewal date, you can purchase an extension for up to 90 days by choosing the "Annual Renewal Extension" option below.

    Member Resources

    All of these products as well as additional helpful links and resources (such as the learning site log-in, MBJ (newsletters) and the MMI Job Board) are available to access from the "Member Resources" section in the upper left navigation column.