Online Certifications

The Medical Management Institute (MMI) certifying branch is a member based community providing online proficiency testing in the areas of medical coding (RMC), medical billing (RMB), records auditing (RMA), and health care management (RMM). The MMI certifying branch was formerly known as the Association of Registered Health Care Professionals (ARHCP).

In an effort to simulate the real environment of the medical business place and to accommodate the needs of every medical professional, MMI's certification and renewal exams are administered completely online. MMI's exams clearly identify individuals who have mastered the use of modern resources (internet, search engines and web based data) in conjunction with paper-based materials, to arrive at the most accurate answer. 

Online Training & Certification

Click here if you are new to the field and are interested in training as well as becoming a certified professional (coding, billing, management and/or auditing). MMI's online training is authorized through the State of GA Nonpublic Postsecondary Education Commission (NPEC).

Online Certification Exams

Click here if you are a seasoned professional looking to test & become certified online. 


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