ICD-10-CM Mappings

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The higher degree of specificity in the ICD-10-CM code set is going to require more documentation and more coding precision. By mapping the most frequently used ICD-9-CM codes for your practice or facility to their corresponding ICD-10-CM codes you can identify areas needing increased documentation and evaluate how additional specificity may impact your revenue. 

ICD-10-CM Mappings was created to get your office or facility ready to meet the documentation and coding challenges of the new ICD-10-CM code set. 
Set the standard for coding accuracy, the cornerstone of healthcare analytics and revenue cycle management, with the confidence only an Optum product can deliver.

  Features and benefits

  • Perform impact analysis to identify and focus on high priority coding issues. Using the ICD-9-CM codes you already know as your guide, you'll be able to quickly identify the ICD-10-CM codes that are pertinent to your office or facility and zero-in on codes to focus on for training and system transition.
  • Unlock the historical ICD-9-CM coded data. Mapping can facilitate the linking of over thirty years of ICD-9-CM coded data which is the key to reimbursement trending, retrospective audits, episode of care coding, and financial planning. 
  • Links ICD-9-CM codes to all valid ICD-10-CM alternatives. Convenient look-up tool for verifying code choices in the new code system. 
  • Combination and scenario mappings. Codes are grouped and highlighted for easy translation. 
  • Must-have resource to update your office's coding and billing tools. Choose the right codes to convert super bills, forms, reports, and EHRs/PHRs that meet your specific clinical and coding criteria. 
  • Software validation. Use this mapping tool to verify software accuracy, evaluate new software, and assist in conversion planning. 
  • Easy-to-use table format. Lists ICD-9-CM codes with titles and the corresponding ICD-10-CM codes with titles.